Website design. Website promotion. Website adaptation.
  • IT support

    Qualified IT support for individuals, small and medium businesses.
  • chemical Engineering

    Expert in the field of nanoscale and composite materials.
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The journal of success

"The journal of success"

Mostly in Russian.


I know the price of success, dedication, hard work and steadfast commitment to what you would like to see accomplished.



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  • Protecting Your World Against Cyber Security Threats

    Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of Internet security solutions for businesses and consumers.
    What will the future be like?
    Could it be a truly connected universe where we can express the full power of our imagination?
    Or will cybercrime plunge us into chaos? Kaspersky Lab lets you choose how your new world will be. #PowerToProtect @kaspersky
  • fashionable clothing GOOD

    The largest selection of ultra-fluro fashionable clothing in Eastern Europe!
    Bright and stylish designs for the progressive youth club!
    For sure of yourself people! Who are not afraid to express!

    Printing on shirts, promotional clothing and on any souvenirs for B2B and B2C.
    Best Russian company developing and making of promotional clothing, production of advertising and souvenir products.
    The company with unique technology of textile printing. Equipment is used, which has no analogues in Russia.
    Apply unique special effects: fluorescent and phosphorescent paints, paint blowing "poof", and is also used 3D printing on fabric.
  • Vitus Bering Management

    Help you improve business operations and maximise enterprise value.
    Since 1985, Vitus Bering Management has been passionate about helping top executives making better decisions and deliver better results. We focus on helping enterprises improve performance and enhance profitability through strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our customers’ unique reality.
    With more than 20 years of experience in the Russian market, we advise foreign and Russian enterprises - present in, or entering into, Russia and other CIS countries - on their most critical issues and opportunities:
    Business Performance Improvement; Business Development & Strategy; Market Entrance & Penetration; Human Resource Management - HRM; Recruitment of key resources.
  • Trip-O-Nation

    Clubwear, luminous club wear, club clothing store.
    This brand Trip-O-Nation with a history, which can be proud of any European or American fashion giant.
    Trance music fans know a lot about clothes and choose exactly Trip-O-Nation around the world.
    Already there is not one party, which would not see this brand. Its design, unique quality and style confidently different from any analogues.
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